[Effect Pedals]


[ Effect Pedals, etc. ]

<Effect Pedals>

Analog Man / RE-J

King of Tone Lion King Mod, King of Tone ver.2,

Prince of Tone, Sun Face NKT275, BD-2/Pro+,
TS-808/808/Silver+, TS-9/808/Silver+, D&S/Super,
Bi-Chorus with Depth Toggle Switch, Bi-Comprossor,
TR-2/Super, V-847/Pro, GCB-95/Pro,

ARDX20 with AMAZE0&1, AR20DL/Pro+, Envelope Filter

Shin's Music

Dumbloid Twin & Special, Spectron, Clean Drive

Delicious Vintage Wah, 67' Wah
Hybrid Perfect Volume Pedal, Hybrid Baby Perfect Volume Pedal

Mad Professor

Super Black, Supreme, Sweet Honey Overdrive,
Amber Overdrive Midas Touch MOD,
Electric Blue Ⅱ, Tiny Orange Phaser, Mellow Yellow Tremolo,
Silver Spring Reverb, Snow White Auto Wah, Dual Blue Delay Deep MOD

 Super Sweet, Super Clean, SP Compressor

One Control  Pale Blue Compressor, Prussian Blue Reverb

Vemuram  Shanks ODS-1

King Tone Vibe-1968

Mythos Pedals Argonaut Octave

Strymon Iridium

Bearfoot FX Honey Bee OD

F-Sugar  Flatamp Booster

Tycobrahe  Octavia (by Chicago Iron)

 Vertex Boost

MXR  1979 Vintage Dyna Comp

Demeter Amplification  Opto Compulator

Neo Instruments  Micro Vent 122

Real Mccoy Custom
  RMC 10

Minifooger MF Ring

Providence System Tuner STV-1JB

Maxz Pedal  D.I. Box Speaker Simulator

tc electronic  Polytune, Polytune Mini, Polytune Clip

 DC-2, RC-3, TU-3s, TU-12H


Universal Audio  OX Amp Top Box

The Gigrig  Quartermaster QMX-8

Line 6

 10B Wireless System


Loop Master
 Loop Box, ABY Box

Bob's DIY Kits  Loop Box     etc.

<Pedal Power Supply>

Strymon  Zuma, Ojai R30, Ojai

Voodoo LAB  Pedal Power 2 Plus

The Gigrig  Virtual Battery     etc.


Michael Audio System  Custom Cables

Belden  9778, 9395 & 8412 with Switch Craft

 2524 with Switch Craft

XGC-1      etc.


 XL (.010 - .046),  XL (.011 - .049) for Electric

Martin  Phosphor Bronze (.012 - .054) for Acoustic


Ponce Guitars
  Hand-made picks (1.5mm heavy gauge)





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[Band & Gear]

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